Андрей Родионов

Пульс 1. Музыкальный Компьютер

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Santrauka: Pressed via DMM Technology by TELDEC The following introduction is taken from cover: <font size=-2>Physical exercise to music can greatly help to organise rationally our work and rest. Both musical and human motion rhythms may be classed as "functional", with an essential influence on Man's health and productivity. The present record is a joint venture of the Melodia sound-recording firm and the USSR Sport Committee, first in a planned series under "Pulse" heading meant to emphasize the vital importance of phisical culture. "Pulse 1" of the "Sport & Music" series is recommended to accompany coaching sessions, sport festivals, competitions and other active recreations. The series will be sufficiently versatile to adapt to various purposes that music can serve in sports. The series' first disc (30 cm diametre (12"), 45 rpm) acquaints the public with electronic music composed with the help of an individual musical computer, for the first time in the USSR. The scores were created on the display with the subsequent recording to magnetic tape. The composition is based on suites of contrasting instrumental miniatures. We hope that the joint effort of Melodia and the USSR Sports Committee will promote Soviet electronic music in sports. Lubov Bogdanova, International Master of Sports.</font> Запись 1985 г. Рижский Ордена Знак Почета Завод Грампластинок Тип. РГЗ мелодия 1987 382 4800 APT.14-7 Цена руб. 1,50 white label

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